Stage 1 - Measure your Space

The first step is a vital one. It’s time to pick up that tape and measure your space. Whether you’re working with a simple window, or an impactful set of glass doors, the techniques remain the same. The measurements you provide will help our craftspeople create bespoke curtains or blinds that fit perfectly.

Stage 2 - Find your Fabric

This is the fun part. Browse our range of fine fabrics, collected from some of the best designers and studios in the world. You can dive right in, or explore Couture Collections. Don’t forget to order samples so you can feel the quality, and see how your choices might look in your own home.

Stage 3 - Create your Curtains

If you’re struggling to choose, or just want to see what your favourite fabric might look like, then our visualiser tools are next. Add in your measurements, choose curtain and blind specifications, and check out how your choices measure up. The final results will be sent to our craftspeople to make your order.

Stage 4 - Place your Order

Once you’re happy with your choices, we’ll process your order and our skilled craftspeople will get to work. Everything happens in our Yorkshire workshop, so when you receive your beautiful curtains or blinds via courier you’ll know they’re British made. Quality work, fit for quality fabrics.


If you’re looking for a fully hand fitted product, or even if you’re not entirely confident in your own measuring up, we offer a full measure, make and fit service. Our team will visit your home, take measurements, and return to fit your choice of curtains or blinds.

Nothing left to chance, and perfection guaranteed.